Convertible car

Convertible car in 2030 - it's a rental or private car, which is stored in a special robotic parking folded. The car is unified, and it can change passenger seats are optional. Inside and outside material used can change the texture and color, so you can change the design of the car to suit individual desires of the owner. For example you can download from the net new fashion "skin" (graphical theme) as well as now, downloaded themes for mobile phones. That is, this car is a kind of unified procurement, which changes the owner of the car under his taste and specific needs. This car is completely no glass is used to control the display (of a flexible material) installed inside the cabin from all sides and joined with surveillance cameras.
The car is also able to change their driving performance, thanks to the frame of a shape memory material that stretches along the axes XYZ and can change the height of the length, width and height of the cabin, as well as change the ride height - he can become well-managed and fast as coupe or passable and comfortable as SUV (it is also expected third option of becoming a small-size or compact city car type Merc Smart). Wheels cars are shock-absorbing spokes, which are also formed in the regime of parking.
Cars designed to move from point A to point B. A compact low-power motor rotates one of the axes and is powered by a battery which is charged at the time of parking. Also the car is able to partially compensate for the energy through solar energy and energy obtained from the vibration of material during transportation.

This is a preview of my graduation project.